King Woman / Miserable’s Kristina Esfandiari Interview // Bandcamp Daily 


Interview via Bandcamp Daily

Kristina Esfandiari, the powerful vocalist of the sludge-metal group King Woman and mastermind of floating shoegaze act Miserable, was flying home from Oakland when chills began running and up down her body for several definitive minutes. “I just started writing out lyrics and I heard all [these] arrangements in my head,” Esfandiari says. “It was some sort of spiritual connection. Something happened to me that I was not expecting.” 

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Emma Ruth Rundle: Fever Dreams in the Season of the Witch // KEXP 


full article via KEXP

“I don’t think anything I’m doing is witchy at all,” says Emma Ruth Rundle.

I’ve just put forward a journalistic hypothesis linking her, Marissa Nadler, Zola Jesus, and Chelsea Wolfe as self-contained women making uncompromising art steeped in haunted melodrama. It’s an oversimplification, but Rundle is too kind to brush off my conjecture completely. “Marissa is a friend and Chelsea is, too. Zola Jesus, I’ve never met, but we’re playing a festival together in a few weeks.” 

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