Deafheaven has officially announced their live album "10 Years Gone" to be out December 4th and along with it the song 'Daedalus (Live)'. 

Words from George Clarke: 

“Earlier this year we intended on celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Deafheaven demo released through Bandcamp on June 1, 2010 with a tour of North America with our friends Inter Arma, Greet Death and All Your Sisters. Unfortunately, we couldn’t fulfill that tour because of fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic. To rebound from the financial and morale hit, we put together an album of the set we intended to perform. 

Revisiting the songs in this studio sessions format with Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden reminded us of how important these years have been. I’m thankful we were able to give songs like Daedalus, the first we wrote, and other favorites like Vertigo and Kettle new power after so many years of playing them. They made me think of the people who played on them with us. For the first time we’ve included information on who played on what tracks and when they were originally released. We included thank you-s in the liner notes to these musicians who’ve spent time with this project, on tour or on record and all of the touring crew, label support and management support who have helped us this past decade. 

We're thankful we were able to do this project and that fans have stuck with us as we make new music for 2021. Thank you for helping us move forward and I hope you enjoy this record as a small interim in the Deafheaven story. We’ll see you soon.”

Deafheaven 'Up to Date' Playlist // Evil Greed 

In conjunction with the upcoming release of Deafheaven's '10 Years Gone' Live session album, they were asked to contribute a playlist to EVIL GREED ‘Up to Date’ series. The playlist features tracks from bands they have toured with. Listen to the Spotify playlist HERE.

'10 Years Gone' Pre-orders: (EU/UK / US/CAN)

Chelsea Wolfe on Revolver Magazine's 'Vinyl To Die For' 

"Many of our favorite heavy-music artists are also obsessive vinyl collectors. We've asked some of them to show us their most prized records, the variants they probably spent way too much money on and would run into a burning building to save: their "vinyl to die for." Here, Chelsea Wolfe shows off her three most prized records, Wardruna's Runaljod – Gap var ginnunga, Runaljod – Yggdrasil and Runaljod – Ragnarok, which make up the Norwegian folk band's Runaljod trilogy. Get an up-close look. 

The self-titled debut album from Wolfe's new band Mrs. Piss is out now. Shop for vinyl, including a selection of limited-edition Revolver-exclusive variants, via our store."


Bandcamp Friday – Oct 2nd Offers 

Today (Oct 2) is Bandcamp Friday – our artists will receive 100% of all their digital sales. Our full roster on Bandcamp HERE

Some one off treats for today include: 

Lingua Ignota transforming Eminem’s KIM the way only she can [LINK]

DIIV put up the ‘Deceiver’ demos only for 24 hours. “for real fans of the record, listen to how the songs were different and how they stayed the same. hear us play sloppy and make stuff up on the spot, it’s a fun listen, we promise. “ – Cole [LINK]

Two Minutes To Late Night released their Covers EP 4 featuring Stephen Brodsky & Ben Koller of Mutoid Man on a few tracks - 24 hours only.  [LINK]

Brutus Bassist Peter Mulders on The MetalSucks Podcast 

Our guest this week is Brutus bassist Peter Mulders. We discuss the band’s first live album, Live In Ghent (out October 23), how the recording wasn’t initially meant for fans to hear, the organic process of how songs evolve after playing them live, the energy of getting to record a show in his hometown, and the painstaking process of obtaining visas for the North American tour in March that was eventually cancelled and the financial repercussions of the pandemic. Peter also tells us the band’s thoughts on making a new album right now.

Songs: Brutus “Cemetary” (Live), Boundaries – “Carve,” Uniform – “Life in Remission”

via MetalSucks

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