Q&A with Chelsea Wolfe // Women In Rock 


Full interview by Izzi Krombholz via Women In Rock

Chelsea Wolfe, the modern day Queen of Goth, was kind enough to answer some questions for me. She recently played Bogart’s when she was on tour opening for Ministry and I was beyond impressed with the show. Wolfe’s iconic look and dark music style will only continue to make her a legend in the music world.

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Chelsea Wolfe Photoset @ Levitation 2018 // CVLT Nation 

Full feature and photoset by Teddie Taylor via CVLT Nation

Formerly known as Austin Psych Fest, Levitation is a citywide celebration of psychedelic, hypnotizing music in all of its myriad forms. From Electric Wizard and DIIV to The Black Angels and Windhand, the 2018 lineup included as many heavy doom moments as it did lighter, more shoegaze ones. On Saturday night, Chelsea Wolfe + Ministry and True Widow + OM played back-to-back shows just a few miles from one another. Inside at Emo’s, it was a revival of industrial goth, as the Fletcher twins from The Garden roamed the crowd in full length leather jackets and people shouted along with Uncle Al; while outside at Mohawk, the sold out True Widow and OM event was packed elbow to elbow with people swaying slowly under the rainbow-colored projections onstage. If next year’s lineup is a fraction as impressive as its predecessor, count me in.

Jaye Jayle Premiers New Song “Cemetery Rain” // Stereogum 

Evan Patterson is no stranger to darkness. As the guitarist and vocalist of the Louisville post-hardcore trio Young Widows, he channeled that darkness into twisted, muscular noise-rock full of a whole lot of sound and a whole lot of fury. And as the leader of Jaye Jayle, once a solo project but now a full-band endeavor, he shapes it into something shadowy and more subtle, a brooding, bluesy form of haunted gothic Americana.

Full article via Stereogum

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Boris & Stephen O’Malley at Roadburn 2018 // CVLT Nation 



Full article via CVLT Nation

On the other side of the musical spectrum, another Japanese trio, joined by none other than Stephen O’Malley himself, came together for a one hour long droning spectacle in the form of their debut ‘Absolutego’. Seeing the wall of amps stretching over the entire Main Stage brought to mind a memory of another festival where terrified security guards, just before Electric Wizard came onto stage, started handing out earplugs to the front rows, telling people it might ‘get a bit loud’. Even though Boris audience should’ve known what they were getting themselves into, some were still spotted without any ear protection. Ouch. The monstrous droning soundscapes they built from amp-feedbacking and ambient echoes reminded me how incredibly ahead of its time their music was some 20 odd years ago and how au courant and relevant it still sounded. Considering the band’s expanding musical exploration over the years, it was particularly fascinating to see in flesh where it all once started. 

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DIIV at The Wiltern – Live Review // Grimy Goods 



Article & Photos by Kirby Gladstein via Grimy Goods

DIIV brought shoegaze psych-rock to The Wiltern for their Los Angeles stop on the Desert DazeCaravan with Ariel Pink. Building on the intro by a solid minute, they opened their set with the titular track off their latest album, Is The Is Are. As the first lyrics spilled from Zachary Cole Smith’s lips the pit opened and grew chaotic. This kept up for the entirety of the set. Their stoic performance became a soundtrack to the homemade visuals being projected behind them; shot with a shitty camcorder, lagging as Quicktime Player struggled to keep up, featuring the mundane sights of life on tour interspersed with naked woman and boyish humor. Heavy heads rolled and lolled on hunched spines, but every now and then you could spot them craning around to watch their nostalgic home movie, too.

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Dylan Carlson Photos + Interview // RCRD Magazine 



Interview and photos by Dominic Goodman via RCRD Magazine

I understand you moved around a lot growing up. Were you influenced musically by the places you visited or even just in a more general cultural way?

Yeah I mean my Dad worked for the department of defence, so I guess sort of an army brat in a weird way. Not in the military, I guess a child of the military industrial complex. As soon as we were born we left Seattle for Philadelphia and then from Philadelphia to New Mexico, then New Mexico to Germany and then we moved three times within Germany and then back to the States where we lived in Texas and then New Jersey and then back to Washington. My grandmother was Scottish. She came over to the States right after the war. We still had relatives living in Scotland so when we lived over in Germany we used to visit our relatives in Scotland quite a bit. My Dad worked for the military but wasn’t in the military, except for one year, so we didn’t live on bases, we lived out and about. We did go to U.S. schools but apart from that my parents definitely took advantage of the fact that we lived overseas and travelled a lot. Unlike, I remember there was a Sergeant that worked for my dad and he was proud of the fact that in his five years of being stationed overseas he had never left the base, never eaten outside the NCO club, didn’t know any German, you know, complete isolationist just waiting to get shipped back home basically. It was really strange, that kind of mentality of being somewhere that had so much to offer and just basically ignoring it.

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Show Review: Jaye Jayle // Never Nervous 

Tuesday nights aren’t typically the best nights for shows. — I dread them when I myself am on the road. This passed Tuesday May 15th at Zanzabar was a different story however. Seeing Jaye Jayle and Fotocrime together was something that I had been looking forward to for a month after seeing the flyer, and I was absolutely notdisappointed.

Jaye Jayle played the darkest set I’ve ever seen at Z-Bar — not just musically, but also literally. Lead singer and guitarist Evan Patterson asked the folks running the stage area to turn all the lights off so the band could rely on small lamps attached to their mic stand. Adding to the aura, these little lights amplified what ended up being the best set I’ve ever seen the band play. They were incredibly tight and every song had a monumental impact on me as a musician, and a fan of music in general.

Full article via Never Nervous.

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BLIS. Add New Tour Dates 

BLIS. have added more show dates to their tour with Puddle Splasher!
Visit for more info

MAY 25 Atlanta, GA @ The Earl *
JUN 01 Boonton, NJ @ Boontunes
JUN 02 Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie
JUN 03 Brooklyn, NY @ Alphaville
JUN 05 West Haven, CT @ The Cave
JUN 06 Boston, MA @ Middle East Upstairs
JUN 07 Florence, MA @ 13th Floor Music Lounge
JUN 08 Rochester, NY @ The Bug Jar
JUN 09 Buffalo, NY @ TBA
JUN 10 Columbus, OH @ Donatos Basement
JUN 12 Hamtramck, MI @ New Dodge Lounge
JUN 13 Chicago, IL @ Beat Kitchen
JUN 14 Bloomington, IN @ TBA
JUN 15 Louisville, KY @ Spanellis
JUN 16 Nashville, TN @ 70’s House
JUN 17 Savannah, GA @ Sulfur Studios
JUL 18 Atlanta, GA @ Irrelevant Fest *

w/o Puddle Splasher *

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