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Brutus introduced their second album Nest with a live-in-studio video of first single “War,” and to watch the five-minute performance clip is to immediately witness what makes the Belgian trio such a compelling musical force. As a song, “War” has a lot going on—a tense, melancholy verse, a blistering crust-punk midsection, some Oathbreaker-style post-black metal ferocity—but their strengths seem all the more impressive when viewed up close. Drummer/vocalist Stefanie Mannaerts has an immediately striking vocal presence, at once capable of both restraint and some truly heroic range, but given a brief reprieve from her singing duties, she transforms into a pummeling physical presence behind the drums. Meanwhile, guitarist Stijn Vanhoegaerden seems to barely break a sweat as he transitions from haunting arpeggios to soaring tremolo riffs to pure hardcore crunch. The sound of the band is awesome, but the tension between the players makes the dynamic even more powerful.

“War” is a microcosm of Brutus’ full capabilities as a band on Nest, showing just how much three musicians can do with three instruments and a microphone. It’s a novel idea in an age when endless overdubs means a little extra hard drive space over shelves full of analog reels, but Brutus does more than most with a lot less. They’re the type of band that hammers out all of their ideas together in a small rehearsal space, making rock music the democratic way; “Everyone can say what they want,” Mannaerts said about their creative process. “Doesn’t matter what instrument you play.” That live, all-hands-on-deck approach gives the album a more urgent, intense musical sensibility, which in turn makes the human emotion coursing through these 11 songs all the more resonant.

Hear Ioanna Gika’s New Song, “Swan” // Rolling Stone 

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Ioanna Gika has shared her ethereal new single “Swan” ahead of the release of her debut solo album Thalassa.

On her new song, the Greek-American singer channels the dreamy melodies of Mazzy Star with bursts of shimmering synths and Gika’s haunting vocals.

“‘Swan’ is about the sinking feeling when you sense a relationship is coming to an end, but you are powerless to stop it,” Gika explains in a statement. “You exist in this nebulous state, and can sense the change, but are met with silence. I had this feeling right before my long-term relationship ended, I had this feeling when my dad was sick but doctors weren’t getting back to me with answers. Hearing the truth is harsh, but silence, when you’re looking for answers, is a suffocating purgatory.”

Gika, who is also known as one-half of indie-rock duo Io Echo, previously released the tension-filled lead single “Roseate” last fall; the track was named one of Rolling Stone‘s Songs You Need to Know.

Thalassa will be released on April 5th via Sargent House. This spring, Gika is set to open for Garbage on that band’s tour across the U.S. in May.

BRUTUS Release New Track “Django” // Consequence of Sound 


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The Belgian trio Brutus are back with their sophomore album, Nest, on March 29th, and the band has teamed up with Heavy Consequence to bring you the exclusive premiere of the new track “Django”.

“Django” starts out with a pounding drum beat from singer-drummer Stefanie Mannaerts, who then delivers a powerful roar over a robust riff from guitarist Stijn Vanhoegaerden, making for an anthemic track from beginning to end.

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A Conversation With Brutus // Treble Zine 

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“The best or most interesting heavy music isn’t always defined by the same qualities. There’s no disputing the power of the riff—the central unit of measurement against which most forms of metal, hardcore or otherwise will inevitably be compared. But sometimes it’s more about what a band builds upon that riff, what fills the spaces in between and what kind of atmosphere blankets those moments of musical intensity. And even beyond that, it can be defined by something intangible or mystical, a quality that goes beyond visceral or surface-level reactions.“

Brutus  are on tour soon. Get your tickets here

Earth Live Review // mxdwn 

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The Red Bull Music Festival is in full swing here in Los Angeles, with exciting upcoming shows from Robyn and the music from Red Dead Redemption on the way. Earlier this week, one of the highlights of the music festival came as a part of its concurrent film celebration Center Channel, hosted at East Hollywood’s Ukranian Culture Center, which is known for hosting a Pyanska Festival to punk rock shows. This performance was particularly special, as it saw drone metal legends Earth provide their take on a live score for the 1920s-era Danish silent film Häxan.

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Chelsea Wolfe and Chino Moreno on New Saudade Track, "Shadows & Light" // Revolver 



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Saudade is a diverse supergroup featuring Deftones singer Chino Moreno, his bandmate in side project Crosses Chuck Doom, famed keyboardist John Medeski, and Bad Brains guitarist Dr. Know. Adding more creative juice to their already-stacked lineup, the collective has now collaborated on a track with goth siren and current Revolver cover star Chelsea Wolfe titled “Shadows & Light,” and the outcome is an opulent, melancholic slow burner that flexes the softer side of Wolfe and Moreno’s expansive ranges.

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The Duality Of Art And The Artist: An Interview With Emma Ruth Rundle // Treble 

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Emma Ruth Rundle doesn’t lend herself to passive listening. Her latest album, On Dark Horses, released last fall via Sargent House, finds the artist sharing personal struggles, combining atmospheric and emotionally gripping instrumentation. Rundle explores some difficult and complicated terrain, such as challenges with mental illness; in creating the record, she sought to present a work of music that would be empowering and provide hope.

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