Jaye Jayle Shares Video for "A Cold Wind" 

Visionary artist Jaye Jayle is celebrating the release of his new album Prisyn with a video for the album’s driving, winding single “A Cold Wind.”  The clip, directed by Josh Ford, features unique textures and landscapes and creates an expressive visual component for the track. Evan Patterson comments: “‘A Cold Wind’ is about the painful infatuation that is love. Those moments of not being able to enjoy or take in the beauty of one’s surroundings without obsessive comparisons to that of a lover. Not lusting, but desiring for comfort, security, and calmness of another."

Prisyn is out everywhere now through Sargent House. Buy / Stream / Download: HERE

Ioanna Gika Featured on Under the Radar Presents: “Why Not Both” Podcast 

Under the Radar Presents: “Why Not Both” Podcast Featuring Ioanna Gika 

We loved getting metaphysical with Ioanna Gika. From sharing how the nature of loss and grief informed her work to discussing the finer points of how to meow a violin line, Ioanna let us catch a glimpse of her particular form of sonic sorcery. Ultimately, it’s all about staying in the present moment to let the beauty of chaos reveal itself. Ioanna has a generous humanitarian side as well, sharing that all of the proceeds of Devendra Banhart’s cover of her track “Swan” go to the Downtown Women’s Shelter in Los Angeles. 

While you listen, Ioanna requests that you learn more about Black Lives Matter and donate. 

For more from Ioanna, stop by her Instagram and Twitter. You can also grab her debut solo album Thalassa at Bandcamp, and enjoy the haunting visuals for album single “Out of Focus.”

via Under The Radar

Chelsea Wolfe "Abyss" 5 Year Anniversary Vinyl Repress 

Happy 5 years anniversary to Chelsea Wolfe's Abyss! To celebrate this release we’re going to repress Abyss in a new ‘silver/black’ vinyl limited edition (only 600 copies + download card with an inedited bonus track) along with a new long-sleeve designed by Ryan Patterson and the ‘Abyss World Tour' t-shirt. Pre-orders now open at Hello Merch, EU/UK EVIL GREED. 

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Some new things released today: Emma Ruth Rundle demo of the song “Dead Set Eyes” & her Two Minutes To Late Night Kate Bush cover, Mutoid Man live version of “Bandages”, a cover by Lingua Ignota of “Wicked Game” ft. Alexis Marshall & Jaye Jayle's new album Prisyn. 100% of the income on this day will go to the band from all of their music on Bandcamp.

Jaye Jayle "Prisyn // OUT NOW 

Jaye Jayle's newest record Prisyn is out now on all platforms. Prisyn’s ten tracks are composites of various snapshots of Evan Patterson’s three-month tour, with the music taking shape on one leg of the journey and the lyrical components coming from some other moment on the road. Having partnered with Ben Chisholm as collaborator and producer, they created an electronic album completely unlike anything else from the fever dream blues of Jaye Jayle. 

Listen / Stream / Purchase: 
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Jaye Jayle’s sound is hard to define. Some might call it modern blues, given its sonic explorations of the American landscape, recorded during three months of touring the United States. This process meant that the lyrics were often inspired by wholly different terrains to the music compositions, resulting in songs that are discordant to say the least. The likes of A Cold Wind and Guntime captivate, nevertheless, thanks to their loose, woozy, dream-like quality. Evan himself had envisioned Iggy Pop might sing these songs, though it’s Nick Cave’s influence you can hear most clearly – not just in the depth of Evan’s voice, but in the dark obliqueness brooding boldly at the fore.

This similarity is most explicit on The River Spree, which finds Evan in Berlin (‘Berlin… that’s what I’m in’), name-checking David Bowie and the aforementioned Iggy. These figures of familiarity are useful to be able to have and hold on to, because there are few easy ways through these 10 tracks. Neither the music, which is chilly and electronic, nor the vocals, which prioritize poetry over melody, make the most accessible of listens, which could turn some off, but may yield profound rewards for the for the patient listener. 

This project began as the soundtrack to an art show, and was inspired by vistas streaming past windows on interminably long drives, so none of this was meant to be easy to enjoy. It’s music to accompany contemplative walks, light skies and dark moods. It’s hard work, but it will work on you. 

Verdict: 4/5  // Prisyn is out on August 7 via Sargent House.


John Clardy (Tera Melos) Lymphoma fund 

Please help John Clardy of Tera Melos if you can. It can be very hard to ask for help and he is very humble. He has exceeded his very low set donation fund goal, but we would like to help spread awareness and raise $50k for his treatment and recovery. Go fund me link:

BRUTUS "LIVE IN GHENT" / New Album Pre-order 

Live music and events have changed as we know is since early March 2020, when the world went into lockdown. We now take the time to look back on previous shows and release live music from Brutus' last sold out show in Ghent, BE. "Live In Ghent" will be out everywhere October 23rd. 
Vinyl double LPs in standard black as well as orange are available for pre-order at Hello Merch. All pre-order links HERE

See the live video of "CEMETERY" from their show in Ghent below:

Thank you 

Thank you to everyone who participated in our fundraising raffle for black led initiatives and organizations. Each artist has chosen organizations to donate to from the money raised from each of their items. ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER

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