Blis. Premieres New Music Video "Take Me Home" on The FADER

By Patrick D. McDermott on The FADER

In the time since Blis. released their debut EP in 2015, frontman Aaron Gossett, a person of color, had a son with his long-time white girlfriend. The couple had very different upbringings, and his band's debut album, No One Loves You, celebrates their new life together — and loudly condemns the forces that have threatened it.

The resulting themes — religion, sudden adulthood, outsiderness — are familiar; they have fueled some of the most obsessed-over emo and post-hardcore albums of all time. But the Blis. interpretation is personal enough that it never feels like a re-hash; these songs are evidence that some American fears and frustrations never just go away.

Today, the FADER is debuting a video for "Take Me Home," the album's ragged-sounding second single, which is hinged on percussive builds and Gossett's versatile wails. Looks like his son makes a cameo in the Alex Henery-directed video, too. Hit play above.

No One Loves You comes out October 6 on Sargent House.