No Spill Blood // Echoes and Dust Interview

No  Spill Blood have become a cosmic carnage institution, they headlined one of our gigs in 2015 and absolutely blew the roof off the Windmill at this year’s SMASH IT OUT all dayer. They’ve had a busy year, touring with Baroness, another UK tour and not to mention Ruadhan’s solo project Magic Pockets. Next year they are playing Roadburn, which will be fucking amazing! I checked in with Ruadhan to check out what the fuck is happening over the Irish sea.

(((o))): Hi Ruadhan, how are you?

In top form! Getting ready for the final NSB show of the year in the Grand Social, Dublin. Our buds Crowhammer are playing too, they are awesome, kind of a cross between OM and Circle or something.


No Spill Blood To Play Roadburn Festival

Joining the already impressive roster for John Dyer Baizley’s curated event on Saturday, April 22 at Het Patronaat in Tilburg, The Netherlands is No Spill Blood. This Irish act’s fusion of muscular, sludgy punk energy and swirling synthesizer noise makes for triumphant, instantly memorable songs that defy easy categorization.

While “synths plus guitars” could easily make for a gimmick, No Spill Blood transcends obvious cash grabs to create music that is impassioned and forceful in its hypnotic bludgeoning, making them sure to be on the must-see list for many unsuspecting attendees at this year’s Roadburn. With a driving sense of creative inertia guiding their high energy performance, this trio will impress and entrance even the most jaded listener.

For more on their inclusion, we’ll let John explain his excitement:

UK Shows With Baroness

We are excited to be supporting Baroness on all of their UK shows next week.

Feb 24 - Southampton, UK @ Engine Rooms
Feb 25 - Manchester, UK @ Gorilla
Feb 26 - Leeds, UK @ Stylus
Feb 28 -…


In Conversation with No Spill Blood

In Heavy Electricity, Dublin synth-metal bruisers No Spill Blood have crafted one of the most sonically-arresting records of 2015.

Claustrophobic and intense, the trio’s full-length debut proper (following 2012’s Street Meat EP) turns promise and potential into a powerhouse…