Brutus – Nest // “Best of 2019”-Worthy Album on MetalSucks

Feature via MetalSucks

Belgian trio Brutus first hooked me back in January with their insanely impressive live music video for “War,” featuring drummer/vocalist Stefanie Mannearts delivering an absolutely stunning performance on both instruments with an expressive, dynamic band behind her. I haven’t been able to stop listening to the band’s new album Nest ever since.

With its release last Friday, March 29th, you all can now revel in the magic of Nest along with me. I used the words expressive and dynamic in the preceding paragraph deliberately, because those two elements of Brutus’s music are what make it shine the brightest; this is music you feel deep in your bones on an emotional level, and it’s the band’s careful, finely-crafted approach, melding atmospheric post-metal with sludge, that gets you there.

Nest is out now via Sargent House; stream it below and order here. And yeah, as the headline implies, this one’s definitely gonna make my year-end list.