BRUTUS Photos + Live Review // NMTH

Full article via NMTH  (English translation)
Text Steve Gröniger // photography Rob Sneltjes

Completely against my normal use, or the curse that until recently I thought it rested, it is unbelievably nice weather and I fall exactly in the shot of a stifling BRUTUS when I enter the hall and get a beer. 'Fuck it, no time, point and space for paranoid Murphy's Law hassle and just enjoy with your mouth' I admonish myself with a clenched fist. It had to be just like that and how. The band completes this day the tour they have made with headliner Russian Circles, after which they will continue their bizarre journey with Thrice and subsequently Chelsea Wolfe. Personal discharge of lost guilt is also possible after having to bail after two songs during a glorified 'DJ' job on the NMTH-hosted stage during Life I Live Festival.

You know, I can easily and faintly shout how 'nice' and 'cool' it is to be overwhelmed by a bucket of sound, whatever it is, of course, but it is clear that this is more than just that . It is extremely difficult to hold on to the recognition of the golden rule of the sum of the parts of 'the band', without emotionally detracting from what is loud and clear: the musician behind the boilers and the microphone which, in my experience, making life as happy as a factor in what carries the predicate as an outdoor category. I only need to hang up trigger words like 'dynamic', 'sublime', 'control', 'overwhelming' and a big hint of 'magic' to describe that inept, but it is above all the science of witnessing the talent that knows how to turn pure energy into a hope-inspiring comfort, in a form of unrivaled benefaction of firm blast beats and blissful singing in the same moment, that deeply responds and makes emotions legendary. Thank you Stephanie, and thank you BRUTUS. The consumption.