Brutus "Burst" Press Quotes

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“a powerful and thrilling blend of punk, rock, indie and hardcore that’ll get the teeth in your skull rattling.” - NME 

"they're in a field of their own... this is one of the albums of the year" - KERRANG! (5/5)  

"post-punks making the brutal beautiful" - Total Guitar 

“A debut as savage and unrelenting as their name suggests… the trio are kicking up dust and throwing it in the eyes of all that is inane and boring” - Upset (5/5) 

“A distinctive shot at post-hardcore… Brutus contribute an intriguing new voice to underground music” Rocksound 

“exciting, expansive and full of surprises” - Louder Than War (9/10) 

“if they were British or American, Brutus would’ve already qualified to grace the covers of Rock Sound and Kerrang!” - Record Collector (4/5) 

“Short sharp burst of genre-jumping heavy rock” CMU

“‘Burst’ is a truly stunning record allowing two hostile genres (Punkrock and Postrock) to become real friends with apparent ease” - VISIONS (9/12) 

"Brutus prove they know exactly what they are doing. With this amazing debut, they deserve to get attention!" - FUZE 

“‘Explosive' is the most fitting label for Brutus' debut album - 'Burst' carries masses of energy, catchy hooks and emotional melodies alike.” Eclipsed (8.5/10) 

"The trio from Belgium releases an extraordinarily good album on Hassle Records. The voice of Stefanie Mannaerts serves as a dynamic instrument, which accentuates the sound in a wonderful way." - Westzeit (5/7) 

"The female singer is the band's drummer and powerhouse at the same time… a pretty rare combination, setting every small club on fire and making it into their cathedral." - Intro 

"If you order 'Burst' you will get chaos. Superb chaos! 'Burst' sounds like its name (...) Hardcore, Punk, Mathcore, Prog and Shoegaze in one." -
Ox Fanzine (7/10)

“[Brutus] excites and makes you shudder… the band has a remarkable recipe for success” - De Morgen 

“Desperation and loneliness are never far away, but this is some serious atmospherical stuff, excellent to blow body and soul clean” -
De Standaard (4/5) 

“Brutus sounds a bit like the evil twin of The Joy Formidable : harder, louder, hornier and straight up better.” - Het Nieuwsblad (4/5) 

“Whoever is in need of a musical head-butt will find just that with Brutus... the band oozes energy” - Indiestyle 

“Apart from the world’s best beer (Stella Artois), Leuven is also brewing the next big thing in the Belgian music-scene.” - Mother Love Music 

“With Burst, Brutus claims their unique spot in the Belgian rock-scene. There is no other band that sounds like this trio.” - Damusic 

“They better start packing for a tour along the world’s biggest metropolises.”- Focus Knack (4/5)

"Burst is an excellent example of modern alternative rock, taking a variety of styles and blending them into something else. Mannaerts’ vocals are the standout here but ably backed up by the rest of the band. Various instruments both blending together and separating at different times. Also, their sense for a good, thumping chorus is a bonus. Highly recommended." - Echoes and Dust

"Stefanie’s vocals have an almost haunted feel to them that deliver great atmospherics which blend perfectly with the instrumentals giving them their own sound and setting them apart from other bands in this genre." - Invicta Magazine