Choice Set of Day one: Deafheaven // Invisible Oranges

Deafheaven. The complaints I’ve heard over the years about Deafheaven run the gamut from too emo, too contrived, not true enough, etc. They are a polarizing band, but I’m entirely convinced this comes from attempts to peg them as something they aren’t. The shoegaze-y, effect-laden weight of Deafheaven’s sound can hardly be categorized as black metal alone. Tonight, vocalist George Clarke’s schizophrenic movements were the focal point, fluctuating more extremely than ever between manic orchestra conductor and serpent-like seductor. Stinging guitars and merciless drumming cut through the auditorium like a knife.

A palpable post-Deafheaven buzz continued into the wee hours. The night swirled into a maze reunions with old friends, clinking glasses and excitement for the three days to come.

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Photos courtesy of Diana Lungu.