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The solo projects of Dylan Carlson, guitarist and founder/principal member of the rock band Earth.

Drcarlsonalbion -  an ongoing exploration reflecting his long standing interest in the history and occult folklore of the United Kingdom and his abiding love for all things British.

Coleman Grey - deals with the ffayre folklore of the British Isles.

The improvisatory music of the Dylan Carlson/Rogier Smal duo.

The Bug vs. Earth collaboration.

Worldwide Management - Sargent House
Manager: Cathy Pellow
Assistant: Brittany Baker

Record Label - Sargent House
Worldwide/Licensing: Marc Jetton

North American Booking - Ground Control Touring
Agent: Merrick Jarmulowicz

European Booking - Odyssey Booking
Agent: Vincent Royers
Assistant: Bram De Keyzer





Dylan Carlson Photos + Interview // RCRD Magazine 



Interview and photos by Dominic Goodman via via RCRD Magazine

I understand you moved around a lot growing up. Were you influenced musically by the places you visited or even just in a more general cultural way?

Yeah I mean my Dad worked for the department of defence, so I guess sort of an army brat in a weird way. Not in the military, I guess a child of the military industrial complex. As soon as we were born we left Seattle for Philadelphia and then from Philadelphia to New Mexico, then New Mexico to Germany and then we moved three times within Germany and then back to the States where we lived in Texas and then New Jersey and then back to Washington. My grandmother was Scottish. She came over to the States right after the war. We still had relatives living in Scotland so when we lived over in Germany we used to visit our relatives in Scotland quite a bit. My Dad worked for the military but wasn’t in the military, except for one year, so we didn’t live on bases, we lived out and about. We did go to U.S. schools but apart from that my parents definitely took advantage of the fact that we lived overseas and travelled a lot. Unlike, I remember there was a Sergeant that worked for my dad and he was proud of the fact that in his five years of being stationed overseas he had never left the base, never eaten outside the NCO club, didn’t know any German, you know, complete isolationist just waiting to get shipped back home basically. It was really strange, that kind of mentality of being somewhere that had so much to offer and just basically ignoring it.

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Interview with Dylan Carlson // New Noise Magazine 

INTERVIEW: Dylan Carlson: A Mediation Of The Southwest, Mexico & ‘Conquistador’

Full interview by Lucy Brady via New Noise Magazine

After a sojourn in the U.K. exploring the history and folklore of the British Isles while performing under the moniker drcarlsonalbion—a period that saw collaborations with Steeleye Span’s Maddy Prior and The Hackney Lass, aka Rosie Knight—Dylan Carlson is now back in thoroughly American territory.

The Seattle musician’s latest offering, Conquistador—released April 27 via Sargent House—is a meditation on the legends of Mexico and the American Southwest, tracing the real-life account of Spanish explorer Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca.

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