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Emma Ruth Rundle



Management - Sargent House
Manager: Cathy Pellow
Day-To-Day: Nick Javier

Label - Sargent House 
Label: Marc Jetton

N. American Booking - Ground Control Touring 

European Booking - Swamp Booking
Agent: Ricky

North American Press 
Publicist: Stephanie Marlow


UK Press 
Publicist: Rachel Silver 

Marked For Death (2016)

Some Heavy Ocean (2014)

Marriages - Salome (2015)




Emma Ruth Rundle is one of the best singer-songwriters and guitarists around. Marked for Death, her last album, was released via Sargent House in September 2016. Recording Marked For Death was such an arduous process for Emma and one year later, in Berlin, I talked with her about what has changed since its release. 

Marked for Death was released in September 2016. It’s been a bit over a year. How has your career changed since its release? 

Full article via CVLT NATION.


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Emma Ruth Rundle Interview // The Quietus 


Having Some Power Troubles: Emma Ruth Rundle Interviewed 


In the final week of her grueling twelve-week tour, rock musician and visual artist Emma Ruth Rundle speaks to Emma Madden about alcoholism, the next record and fans who cross the line

“Having some power troubles”, Emma Ruth Rundle texts around the time we’re due for our chat. Thank God, I think. I really, really need to piss. I go upstairs and see her on the way to the toilet. “Oh hi!” she says, and we hug. “Sorry, I need to pee. One sec.”

Article by Emma Madden via The Quietus


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Marked For Death Coverage

"Rundle has made her name performing mournful, minor key compositions, swelling with gothic drama, and her latest is her heaviest and most uplifting work yet." - Pitchfork

"There’s a beam of hope beyond that fits as the the emotional way to end Marked For Death, and hopefully move past that mark, leaving death as merely a thought in the blackness of existence." - New Noise Magazine

"Marked For Death pushes boundaries, defies genre limitations, and finds the sweet spot between music that’s high-brow and highly-listenable." - Brooklyn Vegan

"There’s no one-size-fits-all method for catharsis, but Rundle’s is a particularly potent one.” - Treble Zine​

"Rundle has made the record of her life with “Marked for Death,” the most exposed, heart-bruised of her career. These are songs that should bring people to beg for mercy and they confront the same hurt and confusion Rundle did when writing these songs. She has gone from being a great artist to one you have to stop whatever you’re doing to hear. Rundle’s always been an excellent vessel for delivering pain, but now she’s entered a new level of power that could cripple weaker souls." - Meat Mead Metal

" feels like there’s nothing else left for Rundle to bare – in the wake of devastation behind her, she’s not only exorcised a great deal to repurpose as strength, she’s also held a mirror up to every failed relationship and every dark moment we’ve all had. Do not miss it." - pressplayok

"With Marked For Death, Emma Ruth Rundle has composed a complex piece of work that rocks, soothes, haunts, saddens and uplifts. It is an album that deals honestly with self-doubt and introspection, that offers no easy answers but leaves room for growth and hope." - Echoes and Dust

"...a romantically grim masterpiece, guaranteed to give listeners goosebumps." "Rundle’s words are so relatable that it seems almost impossible for her poetry to be fictional.” - MXDWN

"...Marked For Death is undoubtedly one of the best albums of the year. It also is among the very best of the decade. Marked For Death is Rundle’s masterpiece and a treasure to behold by all.” - The Revue

"...a dark album laden with coo-ing vocals that give it a daze-like feel periodically broken by thick, distorted guitars and pounding drums.” - Hook Journal

"...invest time in the album and you’ll find yourself falling in love with Rundle’s fragile harmonies and atmospherics.” - Alt Dialogue

"Most of the songs on “Marked for Death,” the searingly potent new record from this California dirge-maestro — out this Friday — yin-yang magnificently between hushed, brooding folk and thunderous, doom-laden rock. “ - Philly Voice

"Rundle has crafted a magnificent body of work that sets her apart from her peers, making her one of 2016’s most exciting artists.” - Clunk Magazine

"While there are literally hundreds of albums that claim to be heartbreaking, honest, or any other adjective that you can think of, ‘Marked For Death’ is one of the few that you can truly believe in.” - Punktastic

"...a gorgeously smoldering, guitars-heavy rumination.” - PopCrush

"...there won't be a single song with deeper lyrics this year.” - 1 For The People

"'Marked For Death' is a powerful effort that falls comfortably in line with her past work, both solo and ensemble, but thankfully builds upon every note played previous. Rundle is a raw and undeniable talent, and has more in her hands and her mouth than most bands share among many. She is a fiercely modern one-woman wrecking ball, wielding her power with the skill and care of one well beyond her years. Marked For Death acts as proof of life and the solidification of an artist who is ready to be heard and felt, and will surely be met with great affection by any who will listen.” - Post Trash

"Her fluid voice -- a beguiling amalgam of Chelsea Wolfe, Tori Amos, and PJ Harvey -- can go from broken to soaring to feral in a single measure, and when paired with her atmospheric guitar pyrotechnics, the effect renders much of the first-person fretting moot.” - All Music Guide

"...reminiscent of some of the softer moments from my favorite singer/songwriter PJ Harvey, and that’s drawn me back time and time again. A definite highlight of 2016.” - Transcending Obscurity 

"... consistently shows Rundle as a master when it comes to shaping vast soundscapes, with particular control over layering and density, and the correlation of this with the devastating probity of her lyrics results in some very potent moments.” - No Rip Cord

"This is heavy, unsettling but, ultimately, valedictory stuff, and a haunting you will be happy to have continue for a long, long time.” - Ghost Cult Mag