Hey everyone, Chris here. I’m new-ish to the Sargent House family but more than qualified to talk about the stuff we like. In this season of year-end lists, you might be asking yourself a few things: How can anyone meaningfully consume more than 20 albums a year? Has our media-saturated world fundamentally altered the way we process beauty? How many of these records will we even be talking about a decade from now? Well, we’ve been jacked in to the music machine since January and only one thing’s clear. You don’t need your listicles, you just need this playlist. Stream our staff’s favorite music from 2023 below.

Stream Sargent House Staff Picks 2023

We put out some incredible records this year ourselves. 2023 saw Mutoid Man’s long-awaited Mutants, The Armed completed their album trilogy with Perfect Saviors, Brutus dropped a great single alongside some serious touring, David Eugene Edwards released his breathtaking solo album Hyacinth, and we reissued two classic records from Botch on vinyl. Check out everything we got up to below.

Stream Sargent House 2023

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