Brutus on the Cover of Music&Riots Magazine Issue 26

Brutus featured on the cover of the new issue of Music&Riots Magazine

"Well, we’ve somehow finished a new issue and found ourselves at the beginning of a new decade, it’s safe to say that sometimes we aren’t quite sure how. 

This is our issue number 26 and we are still trying to figure it out how to create a decent editorial content, especially when every day we see how the music media is dying at a fast pace, killing local scenes, and strong independent content is nowadays hard to find. 

We have found ourselves again stuck in deadlines that we can’t commit to, but we managed to create something that we are proud of. We are constantly rethinking and refreshing to innovate in order to escape the same old tired and outdated formula. This new issue is built on detail, the whole creative process was exhausting but the overall complexity of every new issue brings us back to ground zero. 

Elsewhere on this issue, we are putting an emphasis on the context and creativity of the artists, and that’s why we hand-picked them, a distinctive set of bold and innovative artists, new and established. That’s why we are more than honored to have Gold, Blanck Mass, Brutus, Daughters, Cult of Luna, Hilary Woods and Mamiffer, just to name a few, on our new issue. 

You can read the new issue HERE"