Brutus “SPACE” Live Session // REVOLVER

Via Revolver

Belgian trio Brutus have spent the past few months steadily building steam behind their March 29th full-length release Nest, kicked off in part with their explosive performance of the track "War" filmed live in January at Rain City Studios. Back with yet another gripping showcase of their singular gift for entertaining, the band played live from the deck of Van Eyck, an art-deco indoor pool facility that is the oldest in Belgium.

Beginning with an establishing shot showing the gorgeous exterior of the building, the scene soon cuts to an intimate circle formed by the trio near the pool's edge as they launch into the haunting, minimalist song. Singer and drummer Stephanie Mannaerts' emotional wail has room to echo and grow throughout the concrete space, repeating back in a diminishing wave of reverb and swell as the band glides flawlessly from section to section throughout the brief but impactful song.

Produced by the Belgium-based Toutpartout Sessions, stunning professional camera work weaves in b-roll that focuses on the beauty and craftmanship of the 100+ year-old building. Stark design and the flat, motionless water inside the pool is juxtaposed with the nighttime scene outside of a nearby canal. The dueling imagery highlights the contrast within "Space," a song full of highs and lows, but one that never reaches a feverish crescendo but instead builds its strength through commanding presence and the perfection of notes placed in just the right places at just the right times.

Nest is available now on Sargent House Records. Find the album and related merch here.