Drowned In Sound give Arizona an 8/10


Read anything related to Henry Kohen aka Mylets and the words 'wunderkind' and 'prodigy' are highly likely to feature. The laser-focused one-man machine may not be able to celebrate the release of his new record with a legal drink in his native Indiana but his youth is simply an intriguing footnote as opposed to a Strypes-like gimmick.

Arizona, his second record in as many years, achieves a state of coherence that often eludes many veterans of the music industry. Over 28 minutes, Kohen makes each one count. He throws punches immediately with 'Trembling Hands', the kind of diamond in the rough song you might find when skipping through a CD superglued to the front page of Kerrang! or Rock Sound. That's not to damn it with faint praise, more an appreciation of its unabashed sonic snark. Comparisons have been made to Nine Inch Nails and it certainly treads a similar spiky industrial and vocal path, but 'Trembling Hands' also serves as the perfect showcase for Kohen's inventiveness and dexterity.

Arizona is out now on Sargent House. See all tour dates and get the album here.

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