From left to right:  Alan Cage, Mike Law, Stephen Brodsky & Brian Cook

From left to right: Alan Cage, Mike Law, Stephen Brodsky & Brian Cook

New Idea Society

Record Label: Sargent House
Licensing: Marc Jetton 

Press: Stephanie Marlow


“Now Is Here” and “Wave Goodbye” are the latest offerings from the band New Idea Society. Founding members / decades-long friends Mike Law (Wild Arrows, EULCID) and Stephen Brodsky (Mutoid Man, Cave In) have joined forces with longtime New Idea Society drummer Alan Cage (Quicksand) and guest bass player Brian Cook (Russian Circles, Botch) to release these two new songs on Sargent House. “Now Is Here” and “Wave Goodbye” are continuations of the sonic journey that began when Law and Brodsky were college roommates in the late 90’s/early 2000’s, sonically experimenting with cassette 4-track machines. Momentum from that highly creative period lasted over a decade, yielding several releases that include “You Are Awake Or Asleep” (2005), “The World Is Bright And Lonely” (2007) and “Somehow Disappearing” (2011), supported by worldwide touring - some of which featured Old Man Gloom drummer Santos Montaño. After a 7 year hiatus, “Now Is Here” and “Wave Goodbye” show the reincarnated band flexing a much heavier sound that appeals more to fans of Mutoid Man/Cave In/Wild Arrows. The recording was masterfully captured in the studio by Jeremy Scott at The Civil Defense - all the while keeping the subtle melodic complexities of their earlier home recordings.

New Idea Society Shares "Now Is Here" // Brooklyn Vegan 


Via Brooklyn Vegan

New Idea Society, the project of Mike Law (Eulcid, Wild Arrows) and Stephen Brodsky (Mutoid Man, Cave In, etc), are back with a new release after an eight-year hiatus. They’re putting out a new two-song single on Sargent House, “Now Is Here” b/w “Wave Goodbye,” and the A-side is now streaming. They made these with past contributor Alan Cage (Quicksand) on drums, and new bassist Brian Cook (Russian Circles, Botch, Sumac). In the past, New Idea Society gave Stephen Brodsky and Mike Law a chance to explore a softer side of them, but “Now Is Here” is closer to the sludgier sound that these guys are best known for. Check it out below and stay tuned for “Wave Goodbye,” which is “premiering soon.”

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