Lingua Ignota Announces More Headlining Tour Dates in EU/UK 

Lingua Ignota announces more headlining shows in EU/UK. Full tour schedule + ticket links at

Sep 26 Brussels, BE @ Centre Tour à Plomb 
Sep 27 Amsterdam, NL @ de Brakke Grond * 
Sep 28 Amsterdam, NL @ Paradiso * 
Sep 30 London, UK @ Oslo 
Oct 01 Manchester, UK @ Pink Room 
Oct 02 Bristol, UK @ Rough Trade 
Oct 04 Lille, FR @ La Malterie 
Oct 05 Nijmegen, NL @ Soulcrusher Festival 
Oct 06 Berlin, DE @ Urban Spree 
Oct 07 Krakow, PL @ Krakow Unsound Festival 
Oct 08 Prague, CZ @ Klub 007 
Oct 10 Kosice, SK @ Collosseum 
Oct 11 Budapest, HU @ LARM 
Oct 13 Leipzig, DE @ Mørtelwerk
Oct 14 Mannheim, DE @ Forum Mannheim 
Oct 16 Milano, IT @ Macao 
Oct 18 Clermont-Ferrand, FR @ Raymond Bar 
Oct 19 Paris, FR @ Espace B 
Oct 20 Menen, BE @ CC De Steiger/ Stadsmuseum * 
w/ Amenra *


Stream audio from Lingua Ignota's Roadburn performance & more from Roadburn Festival's latest collection of live audio HERE.

"We’re thrilled to bring you the latest collection of audio streams from Roadburn performances. Among those that are going live today from RB2019 are Thou (acoustic and Magus-era), Lingua Ignota, Henrik Palm, MJ Guider, Louise Lemón, Thor & Friends, Grails, Wolvennest, Bliss Signal and the Seven That Spells album trilogy shows. 

Once again we have teamed up with VPRO 3voor12, Holland’s major cultural network, to bring you these streams in all their glory. As has become tradition, with the invaluable help of Marcel Van De Vondervoort (Torture Garden Studio) and his team, you are now able to relive or uncover some true highlights from the Roadburn vaults." – Roadburn


(full feature via Louder Sound)

Seattle experimentalists Earth have long dabbled in drone-inflected sonic minimalism. Over the course of their 30 years – and their eight studio albums – they've explored new musical territories and influenced a legion of bands in their wake.

With new album Full Upon Her Burning Lips, Earth – now a duo consisting of founder member Dylan Carlson and percussionist Adrienne Davies – have stripped their sound back to its core. It's still Earth, but it's Earth at their most essential.

"It was definitely a very organically developed record," says Carlson. "I limited the number of effects I used. I always like the limiting of materials to force oneself to employ them more creatively. Previous Earth records were quite lush sounding, and I wanted a more upfront and drier sound, using very few studio effects.

“I wanted this to be a ‘sexy’ record, a record acknowledging the ‘witchy’ and ‘sensual’ aspects in the music… sort of a ‘witch’s garden’ kind of theme, with references to mind-altering plants and animals that people have always held superstitious beliefs towards. A conjuror or root doctor’s herbarium of songs, as it were.

"I feel like this is the fullest expression and purest distillation of what Earth does since I re-started the band."

Here, Carlson takes us through Full Upon Her Burning Lips, one track at a time.

Lingua Ignota Shares New Track "DO YOU DOUBT ME TRAITOR" & Expands Tour 

Listen to Lingua Ignota's powerful new track "DO YOU DOUBT ME TRAITOR", off her upcoming album 'CALIGULA' – out July 19 on Profound Lore Records. Tour dates have been expanded to include NL dates with Amenra. Tickets HERE

Sep 27 Amsterdam, NL @ de Brakke Grond * 
Sep 28 Amsterdam, NL @ Paradiso * 
Oct 05 Nijmegen, NL @ Soulcrusher Festival 
Oct 07 Krakow, PL @ Krakow Unsound Festival 
w/ Amenra *

Leaving the Nest: How Brutus' New Album Has Taken the Trio to New Heights // Astral Noize 

(full feature via Astral Noize)

“Maybe it has to do with the fact that Belgium is such a small country and nobody wants to copy each other’s sound,” guitarist Stijn Vanhoegaerden tells us when we ask him why Belgium is such a hotbed of creativity. “Everybody is really doing their own thing.”

Brutus are certainly doing their own thing. The trio’s merging of punk and post-rock spawns music that is powerful and yet emotive, capable of both cathartic aggression and subtle poignancy, often simultaneously. This musical freedom, Vanhoegaerden explains, comes from the way in which the band approach writing. “When we started the band we never discussed what style we wanted to play,” he says. “It just felt good to play together. It was really freeing to not think in genres. The melodies were more important. As long as the three of us liked what we were doing, we were happy. To this day when we write there’s still a feeling that anything goes as long as we feel the songs.”

Nest is out now on Sargent House. Purchase here.


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