Noisey debuts new No Spill Blood track "El Duurto"


Fact: the world needs more Killing Joke, and the world needs more bands to realize that the world needs more Killing Joke. No Spill Blood takes Six Finger Satellite and the spazzy noise of Arab of Radar and puts it through that sick, unrelenting Jaz Coleman sieve, resulting in the new burner of a track “El Duurto” streaming here for the first time.  Shit is nuts, but make sure to turn it down before you hit play; sounds this caustic, muscular, and acidic probably should be eased into.  Or just turn it on high and fry the shit out of your brain. Either way you’re gonna thank me. 

Heavy Electricity will be available March 10th, 2015 via Sargent House. Get your ear doctor appointments ready.