5 Must-Hear Sargent House Records // Reverb LP

(via Reverb LP)

A few Sargent House must-hear records; includes releases from Russian CirclesEmma Ruth RundleChelsea WolfeMutoid Man & Helms Alee.

"Do your friends tell you that clothes come in other colors than black? Are they unnerved by the amount of skulls you keep in your apartment? When you suggest a special showing of Häxan for date night, are you met with stares? Well it sounds like you need cooler friends, like the fine people at Sargent House Records. 

Founded in 2006 by Cathy Pellow, a former film producer and music video commissioner for Atlantic Records, Sargent House is the label responsible for providing the more brooding bits of the indie world a platform. What started as an outlet for releasing RX Bandits records became a mainstay for doomy acoustics, phrenetic time signatures, and enough Verellen amps to rattle the San Andreas Fault. 

Whether I'm sitting on a train or cooking butternut squash (split it down the middle, throw it in the oven), I probably have a Sargent House artist on my earbuds or speakers. For new initiates, these five records can be your guiding path toward a cult of decibels."

Full feature by Matt Biancardi HERE