Nicole Miglis - photo by Nate Surley


AUGUST 23, 2024

Myopia Tracklist
1. All I See Is You
2. Heaven Sent
3. City Rats
4. One & Only
5. Autograph
6. Lure
7. Silver Wild
8. Sleep All Day
9. Blink of an Eye


Nicole Miglis, the multi-instrumentalist and voice behind revered indie pop band Hundred Waters, has announced her debut solo album Myopia is set for release August 23rd on Sargent House and shared the song “Autograph,” an unrepentant electronic earworm that surges out of the gate with infectious syncopation amid pleas for presence and authenticity. The song is an apt demonstration of Miglis’s mesmerizing ability to synthesize experimental production, pop melodies and classical form into a musical language completely her own. Throughout Myopia, Miglis crystallizes interwoven states of obsession, love and loss alongside an eclectic array of sounds, both organic and digital, while expounding on the album’s theme of being unable to look past the immediate in favor of the bigger picture. “There’s the myopia of desire, love, obsession—the feeling of only being able to see that one person in everything, everywhere,” she explains. “There’s also personal myopia of not seeing your potential or your power, of not zooming out; limiting beliefs.”