Storefront Church: As We Pass 

The darkly beautiful debut album from Lukas Frank’s Los Angeles-based rock project Storefront Church, As We Pass finds Frank leading a team of 20+ collaborators, performing and co-writing alongside DIIV frontman Cole Smith and guitarist Waylon Rector (Phoebe Bridgers)—it’s that sense of fellowship that empowers Frank to face the fact that everything ends, even titling his album for the act of moving on. “The past is just a tale I tell myself,” Frank sings over the placid guitars of “Total Stranger,” his deceptively powerful vocals evoking any number of singer/songwriter greats. On “Smile-Shaped Scar,” the evanescence of it all borders on apocalyptic: “Grass fingers reach from pavement / Some day, the city will sleep in a green blanket / Until then / I’m always there,” Frank prophesies over waves of dream-pop guitar, his melodies’ ghostly glow shining a light on all the beauty in the breakdown. —Scott Russell

Full piece via Paste Magazine